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Modern Spiderwebs

Recently I heard someone use the phrase “pod fading” to describe the process of starting a podcast (aside: podcasts! so trendy now!) and then slowly losing interest and abandoning it. I felt a little bit sad, realizing how badly I’ve “blog faded” over the past year or so. I’ve been thinking it over lately and wondering why, although I’m still making things, I’ve been so much more lax about sharing them here. I think it has something to do with my general ambivalence about social media and how it seems to subtly change what feels worth doing. I think I needed to step away for a while and reestablish my connection with my own likes and dislikes, apart from what the internet might have to say about the matter.

Anyway, I have a new quilt to share, and it’s a definite like!

Modern Spiderweb Quilt

This is pretty much the result of spying the Octagon Shimmer Quilt by Jennifer Sampou on Pinterest and deciding I had to make one like it, NOW. Unfortunately the pattern hasn’t yet been released, so I drafted my own giant foundation pieces using tissue paper. Jennifer’s idea to take the uber-traditional spiderweb quilt and reverse the usual light-dark color scheme is just genius, don’t you think? Hopefully my copy-catting will inspire some of you to buy the pattern when it’s released in September.

The fabrics are quite a bit of Carolyn Friedlander plus some solids and blenders from my stash. I made 16″ squares, so the whole quilt is about 64″ x 74″.