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Hi old and new readers! Welcome to my stop on Plum & June’s New Blogger Blog Hop. I’m so glad you’re here! And thank you to Beth for organizing!

What can I tell you about myself? I’m a very new quilter (about 8 months) and even newer blogger (6 months). But if you hang out here for very long, you’ll see I jump into everything I do with great enthusiasm. :) In honor of this blog hop I worked on another “first” for me, which was writing a pattern, for this patchwork/appliqué pillow. I posted about this earlier this week and you can read about it here.

Palatina Pillow

The name “There’s A Thread” is intentionally vague, since when I started this blog I wasn’t sure what I was going to write about! I do a lot of crafty things in addition to quilting, including knitting, weaving, spinning, and dyeing (although the quilting has pretty much taken over lately). So “There’s a Thread” alludes to the relatedness of all these things. It’s also the start of a favorite poem that you can read on my About page.

I work as a professor, and I love to teach. If I didn’t have sufficient outlets for that desire, I’d probably drive the people around me crazy. So you will find a lot of tutorials on this site. So far they cover quilting, dyeing yarn and fabric, and a bit about fabric design (another new interest of mine). I also just wrote a post about choosing fabric that’s a little bit like a tutorial.

Here are some photos and links to past posts you might want to check out.

project mosaic1 The Verdict: Paper Piecing Is Not That Hard! | 2 I Learned How To Longarm Quilt! | 3 Finished! Architextures Lap Quilt | 4 “Scrunch” Dyed Fabric | 5 Sun Printing Fabric | 6 Custom Coordinates Using Inkscape and Spoonflower | 7 City Sampler Blocks 1-4 | 8 Finished ! Sunday Morning Quilt | 9 Patchwork Pencil Case


Thanks for visiting and come back soon!

xo, Cari


  1. This was a great post Cari. I’m so glad to read more about you and the story behind your blog’s name. That pillow is beautiful! Thanks for joining the blog hop!

  2. Really enjoyed your intro! You are one busy women. Sounds to me like you will have things to say and teach, forever!

  3. Truly, I can’t wait to try your pillow tute. And I love your Sunday Morning quilt! I just did one, it was the most relaxing quilt I’ve ever done. Mine is so pink, and yours is so aqua–I love how they all look similar but different. I’m so glad the hop brought me to your blog. Lots of good things look to be happening here.

  4. So great to meet you on the hop. I loved your post on choosing fabric. In fact I was getting ready to reference it in a post of my own, because I always wonder how people make their fabric choices. Great work!

  5. Awesome post Cari! And i love that pillow… can’t wait to give it a try! I’ve been over stalking your Pins so you may see a lot of activity from me in the next few days :)

  6. Great post, love the variaty of things you are making, very cool. And this pillow is so sweet!!!

  7. Really glad I found your blog, I love all the great things you’re creating and that cushion is gorgeous. I’m very interested in the fabric dyeing as it’s something I hope to try …one day!

  8. 6 months and you have already plenty to share! Definitely believe in your enthusiasm! I always jumps into things as well and love the fun of just doing so! Will keep coming here for more!

  9. Lovely post!! Your mosaic is beautiful!! And I love that pillow!!

  10. I love your pillow – so sweet!

  11. It’s great to read more about you, Cari! I love that you dabble in all sorts of different endeavors. I’m a teacher (elementary school, so on the opposite end of the spectrum from you) but I totally understand where you’re coming from with the tutorials. I already have a list of them that I want to post! I really enjoy reading your blog! I don’t see a bloglovin button for you, but I have added you to my own feed there.

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

    • Thanks Kelly! The + sign icon below my photo is for Bloglovin’, but I WAS a little concerned that it wasn’t clear enough. I think I’ll add another button.

      Thanks everyone for your comments… I’m responding via email so as not to clutter up this comment thread too much. :)

  12. Loving the Palatina Pillow! Too cute. Your fabrics look great too, so I better check out that tutorial.

  13. I very much enjoyed reading your post. I think the custom fabric coordinates you posted are just gorgeous and your Sunday morning quilt is yet another reminder why I need to get that book. Thank you for sharing! I look forward to visiting again.

  14. Love that Palatina pillow. Congrats on writing the pattern… Sure to do well! And the poem was touching… Nice to meet you, Cari!


  15. Lovely pillow and great blog hop post!

  16. I love your blog–so much to see. Your recent pillow is my favorite. Nice meeting you through the blog hop. I’ll be back :)

  17. Kathy @ Kwilty Pleasures says:

    Lovin that you are a threads of many kinda gal. New follower and so happy to meet you!

  18. Hi Cari,
    I loved your post. It is very nice to get to know a little about you. I loved all your projects. A am a new follower. :)

  19. HI Cari, nice to meet you. I have been reading down your blog so congrats on the engagement! I also saw that you just tried paper piecing and that is something I want to try this weekend, so that was really helpful.

  20. Your pillow and tutorial are outstanding! I’ve long been taking photos of Islamic tile-work with the intentions of translating the designs to quilting. Good for you for figuring out how to do it!

    Also good for you for finding the time to contribute to the online quilting world while still teaching–that can be a full-time-and-a-half job. Would love to know what you teach!

  21. Hi Cari – wow, I can’t believe you have only been sewing for 8 months! Your projects are gorgeous – I especially love the Palatina pillow. I will be following with interest :-)

  22. You have such a great, clean blog. I love your pillow at the top, that geek print in the middle is just perfect :)

  23. Great pillow tutorial. Also your city blocks look great.

  24. The pillow is really fantastic. I love the fabrics you used. Looking forward to more great things to come!

  25. I love the colourwork hat you are wearing in your profile picture. I am moving the Bay area in the next month or so from Canada so I am glad to hear that it is a mecca for fiber artists. I’m having a really hard time finding my bearings online. Hopefully I’ll connect with the crafty community a little more after I get settled.

    I love your Custom Coordinates series. I have been wanting to make some fabric with Spoonflower. Your tutorials might just push me to actually tackle it one of these days. Thanks for the inspiration!

  26. I love that pillow. I like that you explore different designs and mix ideas. Your tutorial proves you are a wonderful teacher. I don’t always follow directions very well, but I am inspired by your pillow to make a similar item. Thanks for writing and happy to know you. I’m a new follower.
    Congratulations on your engagement.

  27. Your blog name is perfect for you! I love that pillow-great pattern and fabric selection. Nice to meet you!

  28. Oh, I can’t wait to check out that pillow tute. I make so many quilts but I really have never made a pillow and I really should as the covers on the couch pillows are a little well, boring.

    Great to know a little more about you on the hop :)

  29. I love your post on fabric choice – I am going to read it again and absorb! I see you are doing the city sampler QAL. I just bought the book and looking forward to getting started. Should be fun seeing all the blocks coming together.

  30. Your blog is lovely! Prof, please keep those tutorials coming! So long as there is not a pass/fail test at the end! Your work is amazing!

  31. I’m glad to have met you through the blog hop Cari. Your blog sounds really interesting and friendly!

  32. Cari, I absolutely love your blog design, and that patchwork pillow is gorgeous!! Beautiful work!

  33. Nice to meet you Cari! That pillow is gorgeous! I might just need to buy that book considering I’m a pattern nut. You are doing a great job for not have been quilting that long. :)

  34. Cari! Yay another new quilter and blogger. Your pillow is the bomb and I’m obsessed with the fabrics you used. So excited to find you through this hop and follow along. I, too, just jump in and figure it out :)

  35. You’re so creative! The pillow is amazing and I really am still so in love with (and jealous of) your city sampler blocks ;)

  36. Hi Cari, great to meet you. The pillow is lovely, I’m looking forward to seeing more of your work, Sarah x

  37. Cari,

    This is SO amazing!! And I love that you pointed out some posts to check out. I think I missed a few, but I have to make myself the sun printed utensils fabric! How cute would that be for a picnic?


  38. Caroline says:

    I love your Sunday morning quilt and beautiful pillow. I’m glad you wrote a tutorial for it:)

  39. Oooh… thanks for the head’s up on your Spoonflower post! I’ve never used them, but am certainly intrigued. You have a lovely, light hand with your creations… delicate comes to mind.

  40. Wow – that sun printed fabric is just stunning! I’m going to have to check out more of those posts to see all the fun :) Nice to meet you through the Hop!

  41. Nice to meet you Cari. You have a beautiful blog. I really love your Architextures lap quilt.

  42. Hey there, it’s lovely to meet you. Wow you are one talented lady, you have so many strings to your bow :-) I love that poem by the way, so apt. Your cushion is gorgeous as are all your other creations :-)

  43. Wow, I love that pillow!! Your fabric style is great ♥

  44. I’ve been seeing a lot of people spinning lately and I’m so intrigued! I don’t really know how to knit or sew though, so I’d end up with piles of yarn and nothing to do with them :) I’ll definitely have to check out your fabric design posts.

  45. I will definitely be reading you through Bloglovin’. I love the fabric you’ve dyed, very artistic.

  46. That pillow is gorgeous! Its definitely fitting of the inspiration :) Nice to meet you!

  47. Great to meet you Cari! I love that pillow pattern. So so cool. I liked your intro. I am playing catch up as I did not hit everyone on the day they were featured so now I am going back and getting to everyone I can. Hope to see more of your work and dying things are so lovely. I want to try sun dying soon.

  48. Great to meet you! You do lovely work and I have been reading a few of your design posts and will definitely have to come back and check a few more of them out (your sun dyeing post is awesome and makes me want to go try that out)!

  49. Can’t think how I missed this post since I thought I’d been carefully clicking systematically through each person in the blog hop, but I’ve been looking around and love your blog, so added you to my reader (Feedly) so I can follow your thread while holding my own!

  50. Well I’m late to the party but you’ve got a new follower in me :) Glad to get to know you a little better!