Bohemian Rhapsody

So, nearly a year ago, I posted about my Garnets and Gold quilt top. It sat and waited patiently while I did a million other things, but this awesome clashy riot finally got the quilting it deserved.

There's a Thread: Garnets and Gold Quilt

From a distance it doesn’t look that different than before, because the prints disguise the quilting. Here’s a look at the back where you can get a better view.

There's a Thread: Garnets and Gold Quilt Back

I did a back and forth wiggle on the red/pink/yellow strips, and a loopy ribbon candy pattern through the diamonds. I love the texture this gave. The bright colors and ripply texture remind me of party streamers.

A shot of the whole quilt:

There's A Thread: Garnets and Gold Quilt

I need a design/photo wall for these photographing big quilts!  Last week I floated the idea with Jason of getting rid of the couch in our living room and installing a giant design wall like this one. Of course, we couldn’t actually sit in there anymore, but that space has been operating as a weird hybrid of my sewing space and his office for some time now. This would just be the next natural step in that evolution, really.

In case you don’t remember my posts from last year (ha!), I made a paper-piecing template for my version of this quilt; the original is in the book Little Bits Quilting Bee. The points look really excellent using this method, if I do say so myself. :)

There's A Thread: Garnets and Gold Quilt

I quilted this at Sue Fox’s long arm studio in Berkeley, where I have been spending a lot of time lately. I’ve been hard at work quilting the Irish Chain quilt I mentioned last week. This involved a days-long delay during which Sue had to reassure me, “You did not break the machine.” Yep, the machine malfunctioned in a scary, potentially-never-fixable-loooking kind of way while I was working. But all has been fixed and I should have some exciting machine quilting to show you soon!

Meanwhile, Garnets and Gold has gone to live with Liz, my guru in all things dyeing/textiles/color as well as one of the sweetest, most wonderful people I know. Love ya Liz!


  1. Wow! I love this! What a great pattern for these fabrics. I need to collect more Amy Butler!

  2. so lovely! I love Amy Butler and this quilt showcases nothing but fabric! So great!

  3. This quilt turned out wonderfully! Great finish!

  4. Love how you quilted it. Looks really cuddly.

  5. That is one colorful happy quilt! Congrats on your finish!

  6. Beautiful! :)

  7. I am your newest follower. I love your fabric choices in your projects!

  8. I was/am so honored to be the recipient of this awesome quilt, fell in love with it from the first blocks you showed me and it came out even more spectacular then I imagined. I can’t wait to see your next project!