Blog Hop Intro

Hi old and new readers! Welcome to my stop on Plum & June’s New Blogger Blog Hop. I’m so glad you’re here! And thank you to Beth for organizing!

What can I tell you about myself? I’m a very new quilter (about 8 months) and even newer blogger (6 months). But if you hang out here for very long, you’ll see I jump into everything I do with great enthusiasm. :) In honor of this blog hop I worked on another “first” for me, which was writing a pattern, for this patchwork/appliqué pillow. I posted about this earlier this week and you can read about it here.

Palatina Pillow

The name “There’s A Thread” is intentionally vague, since when I started this blog I wasn’t sure what I was going to write about! I do a lot of crafty things in addition to quilting, including knitting, weaving, spinning, and dyeing (although the quilting has pretty much taken over lately). So “There’s a Thread” alludes to the relatedness of all these things. It’s also the start of a favorite poem that you can read on my About page.

I work as a professor, and I love to teach. If I didn’t have sufficient outlets for that desire, I’d probably drive the people around me crazy. So you will find a lot of tutorials on this site. So far they cover quilting, dyeing yarn and fabric, and a bit about fabric design (another new interest of mine). I also just wrote a post about choosing fabric that’s a little bit like a tutorial.

Here are some photos and links to past posts you might want to check out.

project mosaic1 The Verdict: Paper Piecing Is Not That Hard! | 2 I Learned How To Longarm Quilt! | 3 Finished! Architextures Lap Quilt | 4 “Scrunch” Dyed Fabric | 5 Sun Printing Fabric | 6 Custom Coordinates Using Inkscape and Spoonflower | 7 City Sampler Blocks 1-4 | 8 Finished ! Sunday Morning Quilt | 9 Patchwork Pencil Case


Thanks for visiting and come back soon!

xo, Cari

New Blogger Blog Hop Starts Today

Plum and JuneI’m excited to be participating in the New Blogger Blog Hop being hosted by Beth at Plum and June! The hop is starting today, and you can check in at Plum and June every Friday for the links to specific posts. My blog is being featured next week, and I’ve got a new tutorial in the works for that I’m very excited about! Here’s a sneak peak.

raw edge appliqué

And here’s the full line-up for the blog hop: [Read more…]

8 Blogs That Rock, and Why

Today’s post is a little unusual: I’m going to highlight eight of my favorite blogs. This is part of an assignment for a class I’ve been participating in this month called Blogging Your Way from Holly Becker of decor8.  (You may have noticed some shout outs from other students in the comments lately; they’re a friendly bunch!)

I was inspired by the case studies Holly presented in a class video to make a screencast of my own and post it on YouTube. If you can’t play the video below, you can visit it directly on YouTube here.


And here are five more great blogs to check out: [Read more…]

Excuse My Mess

I got inspired to give my blog a little facelift today.  My apologies if things look a little wonky.  Before and after screenshots are below.  I would love to hear your opinion, so please post any comments or suggestions about the new look!  I would be especially interested to hear any comments about 1) whether the new font looks like it’s rendering correctly for you, 2) how it looks on your mobile devices, and 3) what you think about having post excerpts instead of full posts on the main page.

Before and after blog updates

In case anyone is interested, here are some details about what I changed.

I installed the Prose theme from Studiopress.  This is a “child theme” of their Genesis Framework, which, based on my web research over the last few weeks, is what a lot of professional bloggers use.  I liked that the Prose theme could be modified a lot without any custom coding, but that this framework will also give me a lot of room to make further changes down the line.

The handwritten font is something I drew myself, using the iFontMaker app on my iPad.  This app is really addictive!  I called my font “Georgia By Hand,” since I was basing my handwriting on an outline in Georgia font.  Previously I’d been using this font only in the image file in my header.  To make the handwritten version available as an actual font on the site, I used the WordPress Font Uploader plugin.

The hand illustrated elements on the site are from Angie Makes.  Check out her shop on Etsy — tons of cool images.  The new “fabric” background is from  I updated my favicon (the little image that appears with the URL in your browser) to match my new color scheme.  Depending on your browser, this may take a while to refresh from the old green one.  I made these favicons using, and I learned where to upload them using the Genesis framework from this tutorial by Blogging With Amy.

Finally, to play with all this stuff today before changing it on the real site, I followed this tutorial from Tent Blogger.