Finished: The Missing U

I have a special quilt to share today, one that’s been finished for a while but I can share now that it’s been gifted. This quilt went to my sister-in-law Ann and her husband Jason to celebrate their wedding.

The Missing U Quilt

The basic idea for this quilt comes from the Sunday Morning Quilts book, a favorite of mine. I know a scrappy quilt is a little non-traditional for a wedding, but knew that Ann likes bright colors, and I thought a quilt for snuggling on the couch with their dogs was probably a safer bet than a big formal bed quilt.

The Missing U Quilt

The idea of having a small white block in each scrappy block was a design element in original quilt in the book, and I added a few others. The first was that I incorporated a big stripe of fabric down one side of each block, working mainly from a fat eighth bundle of Anna Maria Horner’s True Colors. I also added a single low-volume block, repeating the idea of the small white blocks at a larger scale.

The Missing U Quilt

These blocks were really fun to make and came together fairly quickly. It was gratifying to see each block on its own, and even more fun to start putting them together. I have this theory that a “Rainbow Minus One” color scheme looks a little more polished than a completely rainbow scheme. Red is the missing color here (I think the hot pink makes up for it!), and I incorporated a little more green and purple, since those were Ann and Jason’s wedding colors. I did something similar with my gradient HST baby quilt last week, which is also a rainbow color scheme but with purple as the missing color.

The Missing U Quilt Back

I went for a rainbow gradient on the back. The black fabric shows the quilting really well, though you wouldn’t know it by this photo. The binding is some Architextures black-on-white text, which I realized I needed to stop hoarding and just use already.

Oh, and the name of the quilt is from the book, a reference to Color vs. Colour. But I thought it could be interpreted in a romantic way as well. :)


  1. Lovely finish. That back is stunning! I agree with your rainbow minus one philosophy. I’ll have to give it a try at some point.

  2. Very cute. I like the idea of a quilt for snuggling under.

    Interesting theory, rainbow minus one colour, but if I think about it, it sounds good.

  3. Great finish Cari! I really need to tackle my scraps, this could be the perfect pattern for it! And i know i say that now, but in reality my scraps are just going to keep growing and growing!
    I love your minus one theory. I’ve never been a huge fan of rainbow quilts, they look great, but just not me. This however, i could get on board with!

  4. AMH adds a bit of oomph to any project. Love the texture on this quilt.

  5. I have the Sunday Morning Quilts book and I love your version of this project!! And this is a perfect wedding quilt, it is for the new couple, not their bedroom, so this is a very nice gift!! Pretty too! I love to see people’s versions of patterns, and you have made a great one. Thanks for sharing!