Indigo Dyeing with Stitch Resist

Hi all! I have a guest post today on the blog Likes To Smile. My friend Stacey issued a challenge to come up with a craft project involving a bandana and embroidery thread. I show how to dye the bandanas using indigo, stitching with the embroidery thread to create interesting resist patterns.

Shibori patterns

I did the indigo dyeing with my friend Liz. In addition to the stitch resist, we also had fun dyeing some commercial fabrics with Rossie’s plexiglass resists. Here’s one of my favorites that we made.

Indigo dyed fabric

Anyway, head over to Likes To Smile to read all about indigo dyeing!


  1. Thank you so much for guest posting today!! I think your post is amazing and wonderful and I’m so excited to be sharing it!

  2. very cool! that reminds me–i still need to post my indigo dyeing results. there’s just so much of it. the idea makes me kind of exhausted.

  3. That is so cool, Cari! I really like the variation in the color.

    :) Kelly

  4. Just popped back from Likes to Smile… holy crap dude! That’s so cool! Love the four layer stitch, would look cool on an entire sheet… then strung up to use for forts for my little guys! Or as a duvet cover, or a picnic tablecloth!

  5. So, I just got back from Australia and these indigo samplers remind me of some of the Aboriginal art I saw in the art galleries I visited. Especially the one with lots of small different sized circles. Very cool experiment.

  6. Ummm those three little goldfish-looking friends are to die for. I want repeats of those :)

  7. Super awesome sis! Pheeeesh!