Penny Sampler Progress

Hi friends! It’s week three of the Penny Sampler class and I’m here to show you my blocks from weeks one and two. I have totally fallen in love with appliqué while taking this class! We have…

12 inch heart block:


6 inch mitten block (my favorite so far!):


6 inch clover block (clover on clover!):


6 inch heart block:


And then the pièce de résistance, the little village block:


The class has been great so far. I can’t believe how much content Rachel delivers for the price of this course. The pace is good too; I’ve been able to keep up with making my blocks except for this week while I’ve been traveling.

On that note, I wanted to let you know I may be posting here less frequently for the next few months. Between wedding planning (coming up in two months!) and lots of travel lately, I’ve gotten off my regular schedule.  I’ve decided not to stress out about it too much, but just to enjoy this time of my life and pop up here when I have something interesting to show you. One project I have in the works is a lace shawl for my wedding. It was quite a production to find the perfect yarn for it. Once it’s finished I’ll be back to tell you the whole story!


  1. Wow! Your blocks all look fantastic Cari! I’m with you on the mitten, just perfect! But i really love your heart quartet, and your village is pretty awesome too :)
    Can’t wait to see your wedding shawl, i can’t believe your wedding is only in two months! Busy, busy!

  2. I love the bear on the mitten. Nice touch.

  3. No guilt friend, take a break and come back when you’re a newlywed!

    Beautiful blocks! Love the bear on the mitten.

  4. Wow two months! I want to see that shawl!

    And the appliques are adorable.


  5. All your blocks are lovely! That mitten is fantastic and I just love the houses!

  6. The village really is the piece de resistance! And I love the clover on a clover! Looks great!

  7. Yes definitely take a step back, a deep breath and just enjoy the moment. We’ll all wait around for ya :) best of luck, friend!

    P.S. loving the ps progress!