Triangle Madness In Miniature

Thanks for all the lovely feedback on my HST color gradient code earlier this week! Here’s how it turned out, in the baby quilt version.

HST Color Gradient Baby Quilt

I echoed the layout of the colors in the main block in the pieced binding. This was the first time I did my binding entirely by machine. There seem to be a couple methods of doing this, depending on whether you sew the final seam from the front or the back of the quilt. Since the front of this quilt is really the showcase, I decided to sew from the front. It was fairly easy to catch the binding on a small quilt like this. I’m debating whether to try it on my next big quilt. Strange to say, I think I have more patience for hand-sewing the binding, even though it takes longer.

HST Color Gradient Quilt

And the back:

HST Color Gradient Quilt Back

Several of these fabrics (the mottled looking ones) are ones I hand-dyed using this method. The fish print comes from a fat quarter I bought on a whim in Hawaii when Jason and I were first dating. I think perhaps the island air overwhelmed my usual, slightly more restrained design sensibilities. I have to admit I kind of love it even now.

I don’t have a ton of great photographs of this quilt yet. I’ve decided I need to co-opt some friends’ kids’ cribs and stuffed animals to give the proper context. :) For now you’ll have to settle for artful draping.

HST Color Gradient Baby Quilt

This quilt is still in search of a name. The bigger (unfinished) version already has a name: “The Human Element,” because after its nerdy origins and lots of work so far, it already feels like a quilt that needs a ponderous, kinda pretentious name. Any thoughts on what The Human Element’s little sibling should be called?


  1. Looks gorgeous Cari! I can’t help you name it though – I suck at quilt names and don’t really name mine.

  2. The Rainbow Connection! I have no idea, I also suck at names. :)
    This looks so beautiful!! I love the big white border and your scrappy binding. And the HSTs of course are wonderful!

  3. Awesome! It turned out soo beautiful!
    I like Anne’s ‘The Rainbow Connection’

  4. This is lovely and the photos look good to me.

  5. I love it! I have a charm pack of solids and have been debating about what to do — HST is one thing I’ve considered. Thanks for sharing yours. And I love the fish print.

  6. Oh, and maybe for a name you could call it “Triangle Fins” A little nod to the fish on the back.

  7. ‘The Little-Human Element’?

    It looks very, very cool.

  8. Its lovely! How about The Human Elementary?

  9. Jacqueline Skarritt says:

    Beautiful quilt….. Great color and design….. I just love your blog!

  10. Your quilt is a stunner! Absolutely gorgeous! And your binding is brilliant. So glad I found your blog… just got here from Crazy Mom Quilts. :)

  11. It looks great, I love the binding, it looks very effective and also very time-consuming!

  12. Very pretty! I think Human Elementary is cute. What about naming it after an element? :) Okay, so I’m kind of a dork. :P That fish print is great!

  13. Love love love!! It looks fantastic, and that binding is awesome!
    I have still yet to master a fully machine sewn binding. I much prefer hand sewing it down! (though it does seem to take forever!)